The Way To A Man’s Heart

February 10th, 2010

As the saying goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. This quotation might be true in physical sense because the stomach is closely related to the brain.

Damages from an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Scientific evidence shows that being obese, having an unhealthy diet, living a sedentary lifestyle, and even lack of exercise can lead to a very deadly disease – coronary heart disease. The fatty deposits can develop in childhood and progressively enlarge and thicken as the person ages. This narrowing of the arteries results in an inadequate flow of blood to the heart muscle.

The Effect of Emotions

However, the quotation above really is not talking about some sequence to have a good physical heart, but rather pertains to the influence of emotions, mind, and will. It requires determination to control such desires. And this does not just affect men – it also affects women and children. The desire for food and drink is regulated by emotional factors that have little to do with actual hunger.

Your Appetite

The appetite is regulated internally by the hypothalamus. The lateral part of the hypothalamus is the hunger center where it initiates food consumption after receiving stimuli. Many people eat when the body does not need food, eating at irregular intervals, between meals, and even eating before bedtime. These people lack the will to avoid the urge to eat. Many obese individuals eat because of emotional support to relieve depression or anxiety. They may even have an obsessive compulsive desire to eat. The more their frustration increases, their intake of food also increases, and the result is a deadly cycle of weight gain.

Consider the many decisions you make daily when you consider different foods and drinks. Think of how many times you eat not because you are hungry, but just because you want to. Sometimes the result of overeating is immediately felt. In other cases the pain is not recognized at all, but the digestive organs lose their vital force which in turn weakens the basis of physical strength. Remember that by controlling what we eat, the deadly consequences of obesity can be avoided.

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